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2 Graco Husky 2150 / AT50/VA50 Air Diaphragm Pump AODD ATEX (Ali/Sant) DFC666

RANpump 1 Aluminium Diaphragm Pump Air Valve Leak Test 2 graco husky 2150 / at50/va50 air diaphragm pump aodd atex (ali/sant) dfc666 a vat invoice shall be provided with every order. Seal less design, no mechanical seals or pack glands. Typical Sound Level at 4.9 Bar (70 Psi). 3.9 Litres (1.03 US Gallons). Lubrication free, […]

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2 Ingersoll-Rand ARO air driven double diaphragm pump. PD20A-BCP-GGG-B.

Ingersoll Rand EXP Air Operated Diaphragm PumpsWetted body construction in Cast Iron c/w Nitrile diaphragms, valve balls & seals. The seller is tfpumpsdirect and is located in DERBY. 2 ingersoll-rand aro air driven double diaphragm pump. pd20a-bcp-ggg-b 66.9kg (147.4 lbs). 8.3 Bar (120 Psig). Pumps can also be supplied with filter regulators, trolley assemblies, pipe […]

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Warm Audio WA-47 WA47 Vacuum Tube Condenser Mic Large Diaphragm Microphone.

Warm Audio WA 47 Tube Condenser Microphone Quick n Dirty Warm audio wa-47 wa47 vacuum tube condenser mic large diaphragm microphone every capsule is also made with all brass parts (no teflon or other cost saving material), and is carefully skinned from the same supply of high purity nos mylar (pet film). This item is […]

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